Accredited Agency membership

Accredited Agency

Accredited Agency membership means your staff gain access to the REIQ’s sales and property management advisory services. To qualify for this membership, the agency’s Principal Licensee must also be an REIQ Individual Member.

Here are the top 10 reasons to have your agency REIQ Accredited:

  1. Free legal advice from our partners, Carter Newell Lawyers, leading Queensland real estate specialists (up to 30 minutes per issue). Helping you with agency practice issues you’d usually have to take to your own lawyers! Issues might include interpreting legislation, validity of forms or employment practices.
  2. Got a rent roll? If so, you will love the Property Management Support Service – an unlimited level of support and advice from experts on the front lines plus a comprehensive monthly bulletin.
  3. The Agency Advisory Service helps you and your staff navigate real estate, answering questions on topics such as conjunctional arrangements, the Form 6, competitor behavior and the interpretation of standard clauses and contract schedules.
  4. Use Realworks? Save up to $480 per year with your agency discount!
  5. Get the latest analysis, news, data and reports in the REIQ’s regular publications the REIQ Update, the REIQ Journal and the Queensland Market Monitor.
  6. Invitations to our suite of conferences and events, including discounted tickets.
  7. Free access to CPD for the Principal Licensee with plenty of online options, and special events to explain new legislation which will help you maintain your edge over the competition.
  8. A comprehensive list of Member Rewards for the Principal Licensee including Aon.
  9. Get found! Be listed on’s “Find An Agent” tool - used by consumers looking for the best in the real estate profession.
  10. The trust, credibility and integrity that comes with the REIQ’s brand. Your REIQ Accredited Agency logo is your marque of excellence.

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Accredited Agency Branch Office

Additional separate real estate offices owned by the same corporation (operating at a separate location) are eligible for REIQ Accredited Agency branch office membership, providing each office meets the above membership requirements.

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Fees & Terms

(15 October 2021 – 31 December 2022)

Accredited Agency Head office large = $1243
Accredited Agency Head office micro (1-2 staff) = $841
Accredited Agency Branch office = $418

Please note, depending on the time of year you choose to join, a discounted subscription may apply.
If you are applying for an Accredited Agency Branch office contact member services.